Iron County Clerk


The Michigan Constitution provides that the voters of each county shall elect a Clerk on a partisan basis every four years.

The County Clerk’s duties are prescribed by law, and include being the Clerk of the Circuit Court, of the Iron County Board of Commissioners, the Board of Canvassers, the County Election Commission, the Election Scheduling Committee, the County Apportionment Board, Concealed Weapons Licensing Board, Register of Vital Records and Chief Election Officer.

The County Clerk also has the care and custody of the county seal, all records, books and papers pertaining to the office. The Clerk also files and records all civil, criminal and divorce proceedings under the Court’s direction. In addition, the Clerk maintains birth and death records, assumed business names and partnership records, concealed weapon permits, veterans’ discharge records, marriage licenses and notary public licenses.

In addition, the Clerk administers the County payroll and accounts for County disbursements and claims settlement; the Clerk also executes the majority of County contracts and obligations.

With Joan Luhtanen’s retirement effective December 31, 2013, Diane Hilberg was appointed County Clerk as of January 1, 2014.

Tara Peterson, Deputy County Clerk.  Tara handles payroll and insurances, and also assumes the duties of the County Clerk in the Clerk’s absence.  She can be reached at 875-0609.

Julie Kezerle, Senior Accounting Clerk. Julie handles accounts payable, vital records, court documents, along with other duties. She can be reached  at 875-0610.

Laura Ness, Accounting Clerk. Laura  also works with vital records, document scanning, & court filings. She can be reached at 875-0608.

This office welcomes, at all times, the opportunity to be of service to the people of this county. We are your employees.

Iron County Clerk’s Functions

  • Online Payment
    You may go to the above website, (Go to “Make A Payment” in the upper right hand side, or call Toll Free # 1-888-604-7888. You must give a “Pay Location Code Number” which would be either # 5877 for Fines & Costs, # 5878 for Plat books, or # 5879 for Certified Copies.
  • Certified Copies of Birth, Death, Marriage, Military Discharge and DBA Records and Application Form
  • Concealed Pistol Permit Application Process
  • Doing Business As)  Assumed Name for Business , Questions and Answers, with Application Form, and Information on Starting a Business in Michigan
  • Elections-Registering and Voting – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Genealogy and Research Access Policies and Costs and Criminal Search Procedures and Costs
  • Marriage Licenses

Map of County Commissioner Districts

Certified Copies of Birth, Death and Marriage Records

Certified copies of vital records are available through the Iron County Clerk’s office. All copies issued by this office are certified copies with a “raised” seal. The issuance of certified copies is governed by Michigan Statues.


$15.00—first copy of the record
$ 5.00—for each additional copy of the same record ordered at the same time.

Requests may be made in person, or by mail. (A request form is provided, or you may simply write a short note explaining what you need, but please give enough details so we can process your request.)

Birth Certificates:
Birth records for births occurring in Iron County are available from 1890.
Birth records are confidential records and are available only to the person or parents of the person names on that record. Additional documentation will be required of applicants stating that they are an heir, legal guardian or legal representative of the person named on the record.
This office requires a current valid driver’s license or state-issued ID as identification for birth certificate requests.

Death Certificates:
Death records for deaths occurring in Iron County are available beginning from 1890.

Please note: Where the death occurred, is the County in which the record is located. So even if a person has lived in Iron County all their life, if they died elsewhere, we would not have their record.

Marriage Certificates:
Marriage certificates are available from 1887, for licenses applied for and filed with the Iron County Clerk. Our marriage index, from 1887 to 2000, only lists the man’s name. However, we are in the process of scanning our documents, and can now search for some marriage records with only the woman’s maiden name.

We try to fill requests for Vital Records the day that we receive them.

Application Form–Request for Certified Copies      

Website Request-Iron County-Request for Certified Copies 2015

Concealed Pistol Law Application Process
For New Concealed Pistol Law

Obtain application kit from the County Clerk’s office. These are provided free of charge to individuals who wish to apply for a license to carry a concealed weapon.  Or, click here to download an application from the Michigan State Police website

Participate in Pistol Safety Training Course and obtain Certificate of Completion.

Go to Iron County Clerk’s Office and submit completed application and certificate of pistol safety training. Application must be signed in presence of Clerk or her staff. Training must have occurred no more than five (5) years prior to application.  Individuals renewing their concealed weapons permits must do so within one year of expiration, or the training  will have to be re-taken.  As of December 1, 2015, expiration notices will be mailed to all individuals currently holding concealed pistol licenses.

$115 New Application Fee; $115 Renewal Fee The applicant will receive a receipt for payment, which new applicants can submit to the Sheriff’s Department to have fingerprints taken.  Appointments for fingerprinting are encouraged.

Applications will be submitted online to the Michigan Department of State Police, Firearms Section once fingerprint responses have been received for new applicants.  Renewal applications are generally submitted on a weekly basis.  The Firearms Section has 45 days to respond to the County Clerk, at which time a license will be printed and mailed to the applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: Re DBA’s

1. Why do I need to file a DBA (Doing Business as Assumed)’?

The law requires that a sole proprietor or co-partners file their business (other than the real name of the person) at the county clerk’s office [MCL 445.1 1. The law also requires that corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships be filed with the State of Michigan. Therefore, corporations shall not be filed with county clerks. The purpose of the law is to place on Public Record who is conducting or transacting business under an assumed name.

2. Can I use any name I want?

There are a number of regulations that apply when a company name is chosen. The general rules governing names for Corporations, Nonprofit Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Partnerships only apply to those entities. The Co-partnership Act and Fictitious Name Act require that the name of a sole proprietorship or co-partnership cannot be the same or similar to a name already on file with the county so as to cause confusion or deception.

3. What if I do business in the next county?

When you file an assumed name as a sole proprietorship or co-partnership, you have to file in each county in which you will be doing business.

4. I filed in this county; what if the next county has a business with the same name, now what do I do?

If you find that someone else is using the same name then you need to do some research to find out how long they have been using that name. If they have been in business for a long time, you might want to change your assumed name so there is no confusion to the public. Filing your business name does not create substantive rights to the use of that name.

5. Can I use a different name in a second county that I am doing business in?

If the business is a separate business with a different name you would file with the actual name you are doing business under. However, if you are doing business with the same name as in the first county you should file with the same name in the second county.

6. Where should I go to for information on starting a business in Michigan? 

 Go to the website

8. If I file a DBA in all 83 counties of Michigan will that protect my business name?

No. Filing your business name does not create substantive rights to the use of that name. This is the same whether it is a Corporate name, Limited Liability Company name, Limited Partnership name, Sole Proprietorship name or Co-partnership name.

9. Can I file a DBA if I am less than 18 years old? No. Can I be a partner in a DBA? No.

A person who is at least 18 years of age is an adult of legal age for purposes of signing contracts.Compiled by the Second District of the Michigan Association of County Clerks and the Michigan Department of Consumer &  ndustry Services.

Click Here for DBA Application   DBA 2015

10. Where do I apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

Please click on the following IRS link:

Vital Records Division

Genealogy and Research Access Policies

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Research area space is limited, so if the indexes are in use, you may have to come back at a later time. Appointments are not required, but are appreciated.

Indexes and records are governed by statue. This office will immediately address any suspected misuse of indexes/records.

A. Pens are prohibited in the genealogy area.
B. Food or drink of any type if prohibited in the genealogy area.
C. No indexes/records may be removed from the genealogy area except by the Clerk’s staff.
D. Mutilation or destruction of any indexes/records is punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Searches for family records done by the office staff are $5.00 per name.

Criminal Searches:$15.00The cost is $15.00.  If is of the essence, you may fax your request to us (906-875-0125) along with a photocopy of your check made out to “Iron County Clerk,” and we will FAX or call you the same day.  Please include your FAX number and/or toll-free phone number.  We normally go back seven years to see if someone has a felony record.

Marriage Licenses

To obtain a marriage license in Iron County, apply at the Iron County Clerk’s office from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


1.Men and women 18 years of age and older may contract marriage in Michigan without parents’ consent.

2. For purposes of marriage application, residency is determined by a current valid driver’s license or state-issued I.D.: If one or both person is a Michigan resident–they apply in the county where either applicant lives. The license if valid throughout the state.

      • If both person are out-of-state residents–they must apply in the county where they plan to be married. The license is valid in that county only

3. The following is required of BOTH PERSONS at the time of application:

Valid driver’s license/state-issued I.D. Showing correct address. and/or a Birth Certificate

4. Fee per couple: $20.00 for Michigan residents $30.00 for Out-of-State residents

5. If applying by mail, a Xerox copy, front and back, of each person’s Driver’s License/State-Issued I.D. and birth certificate will be accepted.


1. The marriage license becomes valid on the 3rd day following application. It may be picked up as follows:

                           Apply on Monday………………Pickup Wednesday

                           Apply on Tuesday……………..Pickup Thursday

                           Apply on Wednesday……………Pickup Friday

                           Apply on Thursday…………….Pickup Monday

                           Apply on Friday………………Pickup Monday

License is NOT available for pick up on weekends and legal holidays.

2. The marriage must be solemnized (performed) within 33 days of the application.

3. Iron County Magistrate Dennis Yackel (875-0618) is available to perform marriages. Please contact him directly to make arrangements. Local ministers and judges also perform marriages.

4. Persons age 16 and 17 must show a certified copy of their birth certificate. Written consent of one parent or legal guardian, who must appear at the time of application, will be required. If parents are divorced, the parent must prove custodianship.

5. Additional information or documentation may be required before this office will complete the marriage license application.

Notaries Public

A notary public is an officer appointed by the Michigan Secretary of State. Commissioned notaries have power to attest to the authenticity of a person’s signature, to administer oaths, to take affidavits and to perform other legal acts customarily performed by notaries.

Notarization on a document certifies that the person named on it appeared before the notary and displayed valid identification and signed the document in the notary’s presence.


You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be a Michigan resident or maintain a place of business in Michigan;
  • Be a US citizen or possess proof of legal presence;
  • Be a resident of the county in which you request appointment;
  • For non-Michigan residents, maintain a principle place of business in the county where you request appointment;
  • Read and write in the English language;
  • Be free of any felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, or convictions for violating the Notary Public Act;
  • Not be imprisoned in any state, county or federal correctional facility.

    1. The applicant must complete the Notary application from the Secretary of State (you can download an application at or the County Clerk’s office), and acquire a surety bond in the sum of $10,000 from a surety licensed to do business in this state. The application shall include the following: applicant’s legal name; name as they wish to be commissioned; a declaration of US citizenship; residence and business address and telephone numbers; date of birth; driver license number of personal identification number; a statement showing whether the applicant has applied for a previous appointment; a statement describing any previous felony convictions with the last 10 years; an afffirmation by the applicant that the application is correct and that they have read the act; and will perform his/her notarial acts faithfully.
    2. The applicant must file with the county clerk of his or her residence residence or expected appointment a proper surety bond and pay a fee.
    3. The county clerk shall collect a $10 filing fee and administer an oath as required by the constitution
    4. The county clerk shall verify of the bond, administer the Oath as required by the constitution, and affix the county seal to the application.
    5. The applicant shall submit the county approved application to the Secretary of State, along with the $10 application fee.
    6. The Office of the Great Seal within the Secretary of State shall review the application and may conduct a background check.
    7. The Secretary of State approves or denies the application after a review of the application, payment of the proper fee, and results of any background investigation.
    8. When the Secretary of State approves an application, the applicant receives their Notary Commission by mail. If it is denied, the applicant receives a denial letter by mail.


  • Each notary public commission is for a 6 to 7-year period ending on the notary’s birthday. The term is not less than 6 or more than 7 years from the date of appointment. There is no renewal process so you must apply for a new commission each time. It is your responsibility to apply for a new commission no more than 60 days prior to the expiration date.

  • Questions about your notary application should be directed to the Office of the Great Seal at 517-373-2531, or,4670,7-127-1638—,00.html

  • We also have the 911 Iron County Road System Road Naming and House Numbering Project Map Book.

    Iron County Plat Books/Directories

    At the Counter: 2014-2015 Plat Books: $40.00 eachMail: 1 Plat Book: $40.00 + $5.00 shipping: $45.00Mail: 2 Plat Books: $80.00 + $5.00 shipping: $85.00

911 Map Books: $20.00 each; Iron County Road Commission Wall Map: $ 4.00 each;


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