Building Inspections

The building inspector, Jerry Anderson, is present during general office hours Monday-Friday, excluding scheduled building inspections.  It is recommended you call ahead to ensure that the inspector is in the office if you need to meet with him as he completes inspections throughout the day.

Building Inspection Schedule

Building Permit Instructions

Building Permit Application

Roofing Application

Demolition Permit Application

House Number Application

Residential Fee Schedule

Commercial Fee Schedule


Previous to obtaining a building permit, the inspector requires that the local zoning official be contacted and a copy of zoning approval attached to the application.  If the proposed construction is within 500′ of a waterline (lake, river, stream, etc.) then proof of a Soil and Sediment permit or exemption must be submitted with the application.  Please see the Iron Conservation District page for further information regarding Soil and Sed.  Finally, truss specifications must be submitted with the application to demonstrate that snow load requirements will be met.


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