Delinquent Tax Time Line

March 1 Unpaid taxes are forwarded to the county treasurer for collection. A 4% County administration fee and 1% interest per month.  Partial payments can be made.
June 1 First required Delinquent Tax notice sent.
September 1 Delinquent notice for upcoming $15 October fee sent.
October 1 A $15 October fee is added to each delinquent parcel.
February 1 Certified notice sent for upcoming Forfeiture.  Postmarks are not accepted.
  • On March 1(of the following year), forfeiture of taxes delinquent more than one year will have the following fees added per parcel:
    • $175 Title Search Fee
    • $60 in recording fees
    • $45 site & inspection fee
  •  Interest increases from 1% to 1.5% per month back to the time the taxes became delinquent – March 1st (Interest goes from 12% in February to 19.5% in March).
  • All properties with delinquent taxes are forfeited to the County.
  • A Certificate of Forfeiture is recorded with the Register of Deeds.
  • Postmarks are not accepted.
  • Dec 1-A $50 Publication fee & Certified mailing fee is added to each delinquent parcel. Properties in danger of being foreclosed on will be published in the Iron County Reporter for three consecutive weeks.
  • Feb 12 – March 10 (Two years after county receives delinquent tax) Circuit Court enters Judgment of Foreclosure.  From the date of judgment, property owners have 21 days to pay the taxes or lose their property.  (Hearing dates may not be the same every year).
  • March 31-Twenty one days after judgement is entered, Redemption rights expire.  Title passes to the County and property is offered at Public Auction.
  • May – June-State, governmental units, & County have first rights to acquire property. Public auction is held for all remaining  lands.
  • December 1-30-Any unsold property is transferred, with consent, to City, Village or Township. Any unsold property not transferred will remain with  the County.  All sold property will be placed back on the tax rolls for the following tax year.
  •  New owners are responsible for the current years taxes. Several notices, newspaper publications and title searches take place during this time frame. All owners should receive proper notification before the foreclosure procedure is completed. This will give them the opportunity to redeem their property before the foreclosure sale. All costs will be charged to the property owner including those listed above and any other charge incurred during the process.

If you have any further questions you may contact the Treasurers office at:

2 South Sixth St.
Crystal Falls, MI 49920


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