• Timothy Aho, Chair
  • James Brennan, Vice Chair
  • Patti Peretto, Finance Chair
  • Ray Coates, Commissioner
  • Sharon Leonoff, Commissioner

Finance: Chair Patti Peretto,

Revolving Loan Fund: Entire Board

Finance (Audit): Peretto, Brennan, Leonoff

(Audit Alternates): Aho and Coates

(Audit and Budget): Peretto and Brennan

Taxation Committee: Entire Board and Marinoff

County Administration

Personnel: Chair Brennan, Members Leonoff and Aho

Sick Bank Committee: Rep. Leonoff and Alternate Aho

Building and Capital Improvements: Chair Aho and Member Brennan

Remonumentation: Leonoff

Public Safety

Law Enforcement: Chair Coates, Alternate Aho and Entire Board

Community Corrections: Coates

Safety: Coates

Central Dispatch: Coates

Economic Development:

EDC Board: Brennan and Aho

Chamber of Commerce: Leonoff

WUPPDR: Peretto and Aho

Fairboard: Coates

Manpower: Peretto

RC&D: Black

Parks and Recreation Committee:  Brennan and Coates

Liaison for Pentoga Park: Leonoff and Aho

Liaison for Youth Camp: Leonoff

Liaison for Trails: Coates and Aho

Senior Citizen Services:

DICSA:  Brennan


Local Authority on Aging: Coates

Health and Human Services:

Public Health: Aho, Brennan, and Leonoff

DHS – Medical Care: Peretto with Alternate Brennan

Substance Abuse: Peretto

Collaborative Board:  Coates




Attendance at non-committees and events must be authorized to be compensated.

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