Equalization Department

Iron County Courthouse Annex, 2nd Floor
2 South 6th Street, Suite 13
Crystal Falls, MI  49920-1413
Phone: 906.875.6502  Fax: 906.875.3459

8:00 am  –  4:00 pm (CST)

Beginning May 4, 2022 through October 26, 2022 the Equalization Department will be closed on Wednesdays to perform Field Work.

Please call ahead for an appointment


Amy Bucek, Director: abucek@ironmi.org

Julie Harp-Creel, Deputy: jharp@ironmi.org


The State mandated function of the Equalization Department (MCL 211.34) is to survey assessments of property and to assist the Board of Commissioners in the matter of equalization of assessments. The director of the Equalization Department is appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The department also furnishes assistance to the local assessing officers and treasurers.

Additional Functions:

  • Maintenance of assessment/tax rolls. This function includes name & address, legal descriptions, (splits and combinations) acreage, etc.
  • Update tax maps as splits and combinations and developments occur.
  • Preparation of all Township, City and Village rollbacks (Headlee, Truth in Assessing and Truth in Taxation).
  • Collection and compilation of millage information for Apportionment Report.
  • Collection and input of information for preparation of summer and winter tax rolls and bills.
  • Printing of tax rolls and bills


2021-2022 Land Value Guide

2022 Unit Officials


2022 Millage Rates

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  1.  Click on OLSR (Office of Land Survey & Remonumentation), if not already selected

2.  For the Record Type, select “Plat Record” and click on “Search Additional Criteria”

3.  The plat can be located by county and partial subdivision name, or by Section, Town, Range.  If part of a Private Claim, enter the Private Claim Number.  The Index Code would be the old card number, if known.

Not all fields need to be filled in.  The more fields used will narrow the search.

4.  To view the image, click on the Record Number for the subdivision.

5.  To download the plat, go to Record Info and choose “Attachments”

6.  Click on the Name of the image.  The click Open when prompted to do so.  The image will open in the browser identified to be used on your machine.  The image can be saved at that point on your computer if needed.  When completed, exit the browser.  Multiple page plats will require multiple downloads.



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