Iron County, Michigan Sheriff
Correctional Facility

Lt. Ryan Boehmke
Jail Administrator
(906) 875-0651

The 50 bed Iron County Correctional Facility (i.e. Jail) is staffed by 8 full-time and 3 part time correctional officers.

The County contracts with CBM as an independent contractor for the Iron County Correctional Facility. All meals comply with the rules and regulations established by the Michigan Department of Corrections and Michigan Department of Public Health. CBM is responsible for employing kitchen staff.

Inmates are charged $20 per day, if working an additional $10 per day, for lodging. Plus a $12.00 booking fee, plus a $10.00 warrant processing fee. They are responsible to pay for their own phone calls.

State law states that inmates must receive dental and medical care if required. These costs are charged to the inmate.

Programs are offered to the inmates such as Life Style, Alcoholics Anonymous, religious, anger management, work release, GED, and mental health. These programs help inmates build self esteem and to assist in addressing their drug, alcohol and anger problems. Some inmates are still in school and are allowed school release to continue their valuable education.

The Correctional Facility also will release certain inmates who meet the criteria to work on the Community Corrections Work Van. This is a program that provides free community service to local nonprofit agencies.

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