Office of the Iron County Sheriff

Search and Rescue

Mark Valesano, Sheriff
Michael Goriesky, Chief
Shane Remondini, Assistant Chief

(906) 875-0650

In February 2002, the Iron County Board of Commissioners, upon the recommendation of Sheriff Remondini, made and supported a motion to transfer the operation of the Iron County Search and Rescue Team to the auspices of the Sheriff’s Office. Due to a lack of sufficient funding resources, the Search and Rescue Team needed proper liability insurance and Iron County was able to assist them with this on a temporary basis. The Team holds various fund raisers as well as donation drives to support the operational expenses of the Team. The members receive no monetary compensation for their services. Their non-profit status has been put on a temporary hold until they can increase their operating revenue. Once the Team can meet expenses they will reorganize.

This enthusiastic group of individuals is an asset to Iron County. They respond to such needs as lost persons, drowned victims, extraction from vehicles, body recoveries, searches for evidence and lost property.

The Team acquired a snowmobile and rescue sled to service Iron County.

Police agencies who are in need of the Team contact the Sheriff’s Office and the Team is subsequently dispatched via pagers or radios to whatever situation needs attention.

The Team is always looking for persons willing to serve. If you are interested in joining the Team or want more details on how you can assist them financially, please contact one of the above officers, or leave a message at 875-0650

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