What the District is:

The Iron County Conservation District is a unit of local government established to assist the landowners and residents of Iron County. Our office is located in the basement of the Courthouse complex. We specialize in promoting conservation practices in Agricultural and Natural Resource fields. Our goals are to improve and protect the resources of Iron County so that they can be utilized to their fullest potential. We advocate the wise use of natural resources that they may be an economic boost to Iron County.

Jennifer Ricker is the Administrator of the Conservation District office. Her duties include the day to day operations of the office, running the annual spring seedling sale, developing educational programs for area schools, renting the district’s No Till Drill, and assisting residents/landowners with any questions or concerns they may have regarding natural resources. The District has assumed the responsibility of enforcing the Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control program for the county. As required under Michigan law, a “soil and sed.” permit is required for any earth disturbing construction that is within 500 feet of a lake stream or wetland (or larger than 1 acre in size regardless of proximity to water). The law requires that each county operates a program and enforces these laws at the county level.  The Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit Application and Exemption letter can be downloaded for convenience.

Celie Borndal acts as the forester for the Forestry Assistance Program (FAP).  The FAP is a tool to help non-industrial private forest owners manage their forests.  Contact Celie to discuss management questions about private land and set up a free site visit.  Based off the goals that the individual has, Celie can then help them find the professionals they need to help them realize those goals.  She can also provide information regarding cost-share and other programs available to land-owners.  Her email address is celie.borndal@macd.org

The Conservation District is governed by a 5-person board of elected residents who are committed to promoting conservation practices and to the success of the district. The members of the board are: Dale Carlson (Chair), Maxine Henry (Vice-Chair), Harold Robbe(Treasurer), Cynthia Brown (Secretary) and Tony Kudwa (Director). The Iron Conservation District holds its monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Conservation office located on the lower level of the Iron County Courthouse.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on these programs please give the Iron Conservation District a call at (906) 875-3765 or e-mail at ironconservationsdistrict@gmail.com.

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